Eclectic Decor

Explore an abundance of eclectic decor pieces that will make your space feel expensive for an affordable price!

Modern Industrial Living Room

A modern industrial living room is a great option for people who like durable and practical elements, but also want the comfort and beauty of modern design. So, what are some ways to create this kind of look in your space? The Walls Let’s start with the walls. If you are one of the lucky…

Patriotic Home Decor

This patriotic home decor will have your space feeling both American and uber comfortable. Read the full article to learn more!

Tropical Bed + Bath Design

This tropical bed + bath design combines traditional elements with modern and feminine touches.

Decorating with Turquoise

Decorating with turquoise can provide the perfect pop of color for your space without requiring a ton of effort. Turquoise works in large and small quantities.

Man Cave Decor

Today’s article outlines how to create a masculine space and connects you with some unique man cave decor. Typically, we think of great design in regards to the major living spaces in our homes. We have to have the living room perfectly decorated, each bedroom has to match the personality of its occupant, and our…

Front Porch Essentials

The front porch of any home is the first impression for your home, especially here in the South. Is it well kept and perfectly put together, or is it a bit shabby with empty planters and your leftover Halloween decorations? No matter the current condition of your outdoor space, these front porch essentials will help…

Decorating with Burgundy

Burgundy interiors are among some of the most beautiful designs to date. However, decorating with burgundy is somewhat of a lost art. It’s not a color that we see very much in modern design. Burgundy tends to work well in classic designs. The dark hue of burgundy interiors evokes a feeling of opulence, making your…

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom

America has fallen in love with farmhouse decor since the first episode featuring Chip and Joanna Gaines aired. We love the laid back country style of shiplap and quirky antiques, as well as the overwhelming sense of home we feel in this kind of setting. Modern farmhouse design has also emerged for those of us…

3 Reasons to Color Code Your Closet

It’s spring and time to clean that closet! You can make what is usually quite a daunting task into an exciting adventure by choosing to color code your closet. Color coding is a great idea if you are looking to have a clean and organized closet. After color coding my own closet, these are the…


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