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eclectic decor

Good morning and happy Monday! Today’s mood board is all about one of my favorite things: eclectic decor.

The great thing about eclectic style is that it blends the best parts of all other styles. In an eclectic design it’s okay to have a little luxury, a hint of classic, a touch of modern, and/or a smattering of rustic. By focusing more on the colors and how all the pieces will blend together you can create a space that is full of your favorite things and speaks to you instead of appearing cookie-cutter.

I love a bold color palette in an eclectic design, whether this is done with artwork or furniture. In this design, I’ve opted for a rich-looking blue velvet sofa, but an equally bold look can be achieved by pairing a classic leather couch with some bright throw pillows and unique decor.

One important thing to remember with eclectic decor is that it’s supposed to be fun. Make it personal in the colors you choose and in even the smallest of details. When someone walks into the space it should make sense that it’s yours.

For example, if you are #obsessed with corgis, find a cute corgi vase for your fresh cut flowers or a corgi-inspired artwork to hang on the wall. Make it unashamedly yours.

Another element to remember in your eclectic design is texture. Incorporating different textures into the space can make the overall design more visually interesting and makes it feel more cultured.

What’s your favorite thing about eclectic decor?

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