Modern Industrial Living Room

A modern industrial living room is a great option for people who like durable and practical elements, but also want the comfort and beauty of modern design.

So, what are some ways to create this kind of look in your space?

The Walls

Let’s start with the walls. If you are one of the lucky souls that happen to have beautiful brick walls in your space, then you are already ten steps ahead of the rest of us. Brick brings that rough texture that is inherently industrial. However, no matter whether it is its natural red coloration, whitewashed, or painted, brick adds warmth to a space that is hard to duplicate with any other material.

If you don’t happen to have brick already on your walls, you can mimic the look by using some peel-and-stick wallpaper that will give the illusion of depth. Or, if you are willing to invest a good bit of money in a feature wall, there are brick-like tiles available that will give your walls the three dimensional texture without taking up a huge amount of space.

If you prefer to avoid the brick look altogether, try painting your walls a neutral color that best suits your tastes. Typically darker grays, blacks, and browns are seen in modern industrial spaces, however a beige or off-white can work when mixed with other elements in the room.

The Floors

Wood floors are generally the best when it comes to a modern industrial living room. The texture from the wood grain mixes nicely with the style and, like brick, still brings warmth to the overall design.

If wood is not an option for your room, try going for a neutral carpet or a textured tile.

Adding a modern area rug under your furniture will help define your space and add a greater level of comfort.


Having a modern space means having clean lines and comfortable furniture. For your big pieces, such as your sofa/sectional and chairs, be sure to select something with plush cushions and durable fabrics. You can go with a bold color that is complemented by the artwork in the room, or keep it neutral. Either way, keep the lines clean for a sleek, modern look.

For smaller pieces like your coffee table, side tables, and lamps, go for more masculine textures like wood or metal. These smaller pops of industrial style will give the room a cohesive design.

Keep your artwork and decor pieces simple and minimal. Modern design is marked by its simplicity, so it’s important not to go overboard. Some simple canvas paintings here, an interesting vase there, and you’re good to go.

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modern industrial living room
modern industrial living room
modern industrial living room
modern industrial living room

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