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Patriotic Home Decor


Happy Fourth of July! In honor of the best holiday of the year, I’m sharing some patriotic home decor for all lovers of the glorious red, white and blue.

This design focuses on a patriotic bedroom and features some classic elements like a beautiful blue and white quilt, a comfy lounge chair, and of course the American flag hanging proudly on the wall.

To create a patriotic space, you can use subtle elements like hints of red, white, and blue. Or, if you are going for a bolder design, opt for a solid red or blue wall color.

Although we typically see patriotic home decor woven into rustic farmhouse styles, your patriotic elements can be made to work in modern designs as well. It’s simply a matter of your tastes and what will flow best in your home.

I personally love to see a slightly modern patriotic room built on a neutral (specifically white) background and have the reds and blues pop in small doses. I find that this allows the room to be patriotic without being kitschy. After all, we’re trying to create a pleasant place to be, not a themed party.

Shiplap, or faux shiplap, walls are a great way to keep that light backdrop but also add texture and personality to the space. For most spaces, I would recommend a single shiplap feature wall, as opposed to wrapping the whole room in the trendy material. This allows you to create a specific focal point in the room without overwhelming it.

For my design, I have chosen a gorgeous blue and white floral quilt. However, if you’re looking for bolder or more modern bedding, try a comforter set with a classic Greek key design in some patriotic colors. This pattern never goes out of style and can work in other designs if you ever decide you want to change things up.

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