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Tropical Bed + Bath Design


This tropical bed + bath design combines traditional elements with modern and feminine touches.


The soft pink walls are reminiscent of the exterior of the luxurious Beverly Hills Hotel, and the prominent banana leaf comforter packs a huge visual punch. The modern headboard ties everything together and the velvety texture adds to the opulence of the space.

A large, unique mirror will ensure that any natural light is reflected throughout the room, making the space look bigger and feel light and airy.

The rattan nightstands bring in the natural textures of a tropical oasis while adding warmth. And, the gold table lamps continue the rich feeling that the space suggests.

In keeping with the theme of the tropical escape, the lush white rug makes sure that you are comfortable from your head to your toes.


This modern bathroom design features some incredible banana leaf wallpaper that will have an incredible visual impact in any sized bathroom. It can help a large bathroom feel more opulent, but can also make a small half bath feel striking without seeming claustrophobic.

To prevent the bathroom from feeling overcrowded, a simple white tile in a modern hexagon shape does the trick.

The large gold mirror and matching fixtures help to add richness to the space and draw all the different elements together.

The pink and white striped rug bring that much-needed feminine touch to the room and, of course, adds a bit of comfort.

How do I create this in my own home?

A tropical bed + bath design is easy to replicate in your own home.

Throw a soft color on the walls and then add some boldly-printed and tropically-inspired furnishings to the space. A soft pink is a great contrast to the rich greens that one usually associates with the tropics, however, you could easily use a pale yellow, a soft white, or even a light blue.

As far as fixtures such as drawer pulls, faucets, and lights, gold or a brushed brass usually works best. If you are choosing a wall color that has a cooler tone to it, blue for instance, then you may be able to incorporate silver fixtures.

Don’t forget that natural wood grains are great in a tropically-inspired space. Rattan works very well with tropical elements. If you use other wood grains or materials, stick with warm tones as they are best suited for the overall design.

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