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Man Cave Decor


Today’s article outlines how to create a masculine space and connects you with some unique man cave decor.

Typically, we think of great design in regards to the major living spaces in our homes. We have to have the living room perfectly decorated, each bedroom has to match the personality of its occupant, and our dining and kitchen areas must be both welcoming and functional. But, have you ever thought about putting your design skills to use to create a space just for the man in your life?

Man caves are all about rest and relaxation. It’s important to incorporate comfortable furnishings and ample space for hobbies, whether those hobbies are creating something or simply putting up those feet and watching a movie.

Obviously, each man cave should be customized to the individuals who will inhabit them. However, there are a few basics you can begin with. For instance, darker colors are great for creating that masculine environment. Dark walls paired with dark accents and only small pops of metallics and neutrals creates a moody space that automatically calms the senses.

Texture is just as important as color and mood are in a man cave design. Using rough textures like wood and metal evokes that masculine feeling that you want to accomplish. And, while you want comfortable furnishings, you also want to have durable textures that will age well. For this reason, I love to see leather in spaces like this. Leather ages nicely, is comfortable, and looks classy.

Another thing to consider with man cave decor is the wall art. This is where the space becomes more individualized. It’s all too easy to throw up video game posters, photos, or even some mounted taxidermy. Whatever interests the man of the man cave, little elements like this make the space feel custom and unique.

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