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Front Porch Essentials


The front porch of any home is the first impression for your home, especially here in the South. Is it well kept and perfectly put together, or is it a bit shabby with empty planters and your leftover Halloween decorations? No matter the current condition of your outdoor space, these front porch essentials will help you create a welcoming and trendy first impression.

Farmhouse Front Porch Essentials

The farmhouse look has certainly gained popularity over the last several years (thank you Joanna Gaines). If this style speaks to you, you are in luck as far as decorating your front porch. The farmhouse front porch is one of the easiest to accomplish.

Stick with a neutral yet bold front door. A dark wood grain, navy, or black door will provide the perfect backdrop to your farmhouse scene. A door in any of these colors will also amp up the curb appeal, making a positive visual impact without clashing with the exterior color of your house.

Try using a buffalo check rug to make that farmhouse look very apparent from the get go. This pattern is clean, simple, and widely available.

Add a bit of greenery to your design to keep things light and fresh. This can mean that you have a planter or two with some boxwoods, or add a fake topiary. Be sure not to overload your porch with too much greenery. You want enough to liven up your space, that’s all.

If your porch is big enough to have seating, a bench is a great option. The farmhouse style is all about creating a “homey” environment. A comfy bench on the front porch essentially says, “We’re so happy you’re here! Sit and visit with us for a while.”

Modern Chinoiserie Front Porch Essentials

I personally love this style. Taking inspiration from the beautiful blue and white designs of a Chinoiserie vase, this front porch design is modern, welcoming, and very unique. These front porch essentials are sure to make an impact.

One key part of this design is the bold color of the front door. Obviously, you should choose a color that works with the exterior of your home. I suggest finding a few colors that you like, and trying samples before painting the whole door. Look at the color in relation to the house as a whole, and view each at different times of the day so you can be sure that it really works.

The beautiful Chinoiserie planters (linked below) are great for some well-manicured boxwoods or small fruit trees. The combination will bring an instant feeling of welcome to your front porch.

Try hanging a wreath with bright fruit to add a sense of hospitality to your space, as well as add a great pop of color.

Rocking chairs are perfect with this design. These chairs will beckon your guests to enjoy a nice cup of iced tea and great conversation.

Summer Lovin’ Front Porch Essentials

This summer-inspired front porch is full of bright colors and fun. It would be right at home on a Florida front porch.

This design hinges on a brightly-colored front door. This bright blue door, for instance, would pair perfectly with a classic pink Florida home.

Continue the color party with some bright lounge chairs that will have you and your guests relaxing with margaritas in no time.

Hang a colorful welcome sign on the door, lay down an equally colorful rug, and you are good to go!

Which front porch essentials are your favorite?

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