Decorating with Burgundy

Burgundy interiors are among some of the most beautiful designs to date. However, decorating with burgundy is somewhat of a lost art. It’s not a color that we see very much in modern design.

Burgundy tends to work well in classic designs. The dark hue of burgundy interiors evokes a feeling of opulence, making your space feel expensive and well-curated. It pairs well with gold metallics and other dark, rich colors such as emerald green and navy.

Classic designs might feature an intricately decorated burgundy rug, or a set of velvety burgundy curtains. In these classic designs we typically see neutrals like beige or off white that help to bright the overall look.

Decorating with burgundy in a modern setting is a slightly different beast. To use burgundy in a more modern design, try pairing with neutrals like gray and/or black. For instance, a beautiful burgundy velvet lounge chair in a modern silhoette looks great when against a light gray wall.

Fortunately, burgundy is a powerful color whether in small or large doses. A burgundy accent wall will certainly draw the eye. However, some burgundy flowers in an otherwise neutral room will still have significant visual impact.

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decorating with burgundy
decorating with burgundy
decorating with burgundy
decorating with burgundy

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