Modern Farmhouse Bedroom

America has fallen in love with farmhouse decor since the first episode featuring Chip and Joanna Gaines aired. We love the laid back country style of shiplap and quirky antiques, as well as the overwhelming sense of home we feel in this kind of setting. Modern farmhouse design has also emerged for those of us who love the style that Chip and Joanna bring to life, but also appreciate clean lines and a touch of 2022. This modern farmhouse bedroom design is meant for those who love both styles and are trying to find the happy medium between the two.

Would it even be a farmhouse bedroom if shiplap wasn’t involved somehow? No. Choosing one wall in your space to feature this unique texture, whether using planks of paneling or a simple peel-n-stick wallpaper, the shiplap look brings a warmth to the room and a feeling of old world character. In a design that we want to lean more modern, shiplap’s clean lines and overall simplicity works in our favor.

The furnishings in a modern farmhouse bedroom should have modern shapes in natural materials. The wooden four poster bed featured in this design achieves both of those things. It provides clean, straight lines but the natural wood texture prevents it from appearing too modern.

The black nightstands provide a nice pop of modernity to the space without being overbearing.

No farmhouse design would be complete without a good area rug. I chose one that has a classic pattern that features neutral colors with a touch of blue. It feels aged enough to seem antique but is still very high quality.

modern farmhouse bedroom
modern farmhouse bedroom
modern farmhouse bedroom

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  2. I love the clean and simple farmhouse designs.

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