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3 Reasons to Color Code Your Closet

color code your closet

It’s spring and time to clean that closet! You can make what is usually quite a daunting task into an exciting adventure by choosing to color code your closet. Color coding is a great idea if you are looking to have a clean and organized closet. After color coding my own closet, these are the top three reasons for using this genius organization hack.

1.) You Can See What You Have

Having all of your clothing organized by color makes it much easier to see what you’re missing. It’s much easier for you to look at all the colors of the rainbow and figure out which ones you might be missing. You can see if you are wearing too much of the same color, and what you may want to look for the next time you go shopping.

2.) It Helps You Build an Outfit

The most obvious reason to color code your closet is that picking an outfit becomes so much easier. It’s like your own personal outfit planner. You pick your first item and can easily find something that goes well with it. There is no more searching for those blue pants that you KNOW are somewhere in that closet. Now everything has its place and is easy to find.

3.) It Looks Awesome

Color coded closets are much more aesthetically pleasing than closets that are simply thrown together. You can even go one step further by dividing your items by type and color coding each category. For instance, when you color code your closet by coats, long sleeved shirts, short sleeved shirts, pants, dresses, etc. This creates multiple rainbows in your newly organized closet.

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