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Parisian Flat

Parisian flat

Wouldn’t we all love to have a beautiful apartment with a big balcony where we can sit and sip our coffee while looking out on the famous Eiffel Tower? What a joy that would be. While we may not all be able to afford the outrageous prices associated with that fantasy life, these are some very affordable options to create the Parisian flat of our dreams.

The perfect background for a Parisian flat is a good neutral color. An off-white or cream will allow the architecture of the space to shine through and the furnishings to pop. If you are feeling really crafty, you might try throwing some molding up on the walls for a little added detail.

If you have a large open space, herringbone or parquet floors are a wonderful addition to a Parisian-inspired design. The intricate details add some old-world flair and a sense of wealth.

Fireplaces can have a way of adding richness to a space. They can also make the space feel cozy, which is just what you want in your home. Even if your home doesn’t have a functioning fireplace, you can add an electric one. This is a particularly good option for colder climates, you get added beauty and function.

As far as furnishings go in this dream Parisian flat, stick with neutrals in plush fabrics. Modern shapes will add a unique flair to the design and give you all the conveniences you will most enjoy. Add pops of color like an accent chair or an ottoman. Bring warmth to the space with wood grains and other natural textures.

Mirrors throughout your space will keep it feeling light and airy. The reflections will make your space feel bigger during the day.

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