10 Ways to Organize Shoes

ways to organize shoes
  1. Under-the-Bed Storage
Source: The Container Store

Under-the-bed storage is a great option if you are limited on space, but you don’t want to see all the “stuff.” Containers like these make it easy to organize your shoes, but can be hidden with a simple bed skirt. This type of storage also allows for easy access to your favorite kicks. No more digging around in the closet looking for a matching pair.

2. Bookcase Display

Source: Simply Spaced

This one is perfect for those of us who have a slight shoe obsession and are #unashamed. Reuse an old bookcase, find a cheap one on Facebook Marketplace and paint it a fun color, or just head over to Ikea and find one to build. A bookcase shoe display allows your accessories to become a part of the room’s decor, and allows you to readily see everything you have.

3. DIY Hanging Baskets

Source: Dash of Jazz

These ingenious DIY hanging baskets will be especially handy for sandal and ballet flat lovers are these shoes are generally lighter in weight and easier to pack into a container like this. A simple wire basket, some command hooks, and you’re done. It works for the back of a door or even on a wall and gets your shoes up and off the floor.

4. Behind-the-Door Wire Baskets

Source: Something Good Blog

This option is very similar to #3, but a bit more extensive. This behind-the-door system offers space for a lot of shoes without taking up space in the closet or room itself. There are many similar systems available at several price points, making this a very affordable option.

5. DIY Wooden Shoe Rack

Source: Kippi at Home

This one is for the adventurous DIYers among you. The wooden shoe rack is a great way to display your shoes, even in the smallest of spaces. This would be great in a small entryway, or even nestled behind the hanging clothes in your closet.

6. Stacking Shoe Organizers

Source: M Design

Ahhhh. Aesthetics. These clear organizers are awesome for easy access to shoes and other accessories. They are perfect if you have a few shoes to organize. But, be aware that these organizers can get pricey, so if you have a hundred pairs of shoes you should be prepared for a big investment.

7. A Shelf on a Shelf

Source: Better Homes & Gardens

If you are like most people, at least in the States, you have those very generic wire shelves in your closet. Oftentimes we don’t really know what to do with the shelves on top so we just end up throwing lots of junk up there to get it out of the way. But, if you’re tight on space, using this space to store your shoes can help you make the best of the situation. Grab a cheap shoe shelf from Walmart, Home Depot, or even Amazon and line up the shoes. Utilizing all of your space, even the vertical space in your closet, helps you stay organized.

8. PVC Shoe Organizer

Source: Hometalk

Also for the those of you who aren’t afraid of a project, this PVC shoe organizer is a neat way to give your shoes a home. The fascinating creation almost becomes a work of art.

9. Rotating Corner Organizer

Source: Pinterest

This handy dandy little invention is a wonderful idea for the shoe addict in your life. It fits an abundance of shoes and rotates to allow you access to all of them. Even though units like this cost a pretty penny, they help you stay organized and may even trick you into thinking you’re shopping in your very own closet without spending anymore money.

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10. The Shoe Wall

Source: White Collar Glam

If you’re one of the lucky few with a larger-than-life closet, embrace the space by creating a dedicated shoe wall. Find some floating shelves that fit your style and display your accessories with pride. This is a simple project with a big impact.

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