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Laundry Room Decor

laundry room decor

Who loves laundry? That’s what I thought, no one. But, that’s all the more reason for us to choose laundry room decor that is beautiful and inviting.


Storage is probably the most important thing in a laundry room. Everything should have its place and there should be minimal clutter. This will allow us to do the work we must do without feeling overwhelmed. It also prevents us from turning the laundry room into a junk room full of all the off-season holiday decorations and random items that don’t have a home.

Baskets are a wonderful storage option for laundry rooms because they will fit neatly onto a shelf. The type of basket you choose will really depend on your personal style and the vibe you’re going for in this space. Remember that wire baskets are good for items that you want to see, woven baskets are better for hiding things you don’t want to see.

If you’re feeling extra bougie, matching containers for your laundry detergent and/or dryer sheets add an extra air of sophistication.


Shelf space is another important element of a great laundry room. You need somewhere to put all the cleaning supplies. In so many homes we see those boring white wire racks, which will do the trick, but don’t look all that great. An easy upgrade is to add a floating shelf. These will elevate the design, being both functional and fashionable.


Creating a feature wall will make your laundry room feel like an important part of your home, rather than just a throwaway space. Peel and stick wallpaper is a great way to make this happen. It’s affordable and easy to install yourself. Pick an interesting pattern and pair it with a bold color. You’ll have a relatively cheap design that looks expensive and professionally done.

Wall Decor

Have a little fun with this element of laundry room decor. Find some punny laundry room wall art like a cutesy iron, a vintage washboard, or some clips for all those lost socks you’re bound to find.

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