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Neutral Throw Pillows

neutral throw pillows

Throw pillows: every woman’s obsession and the bane of every man’s existence haha. Despite the fact that these lovely bits of decor are only loved by half the population, they have an excellent way of bringing extra life to a room. Whether they are placed on a bed, in a chair, or on your living room sofa, throw pillows add extra comfort and visual interest. These are nine neutral throw pillows that will help you to elevate your space on a very small budget.

Each of these options can be found on Amazon (links are down below) and all are surprisingly affordable. These are covers, which have proven to work well if you tend to change your look up every year or two. It’s nice to know you can achieve great style without spending a fortune.

With the neutral color palette these throw pillow options are also very versatile. You can move them from space to space without having to worry about them matching.

Neutral throw pillows ensure that you are adding some visual interest to your space without allowing them to steal the show. They will help your space feel more put together, but won’t necessarily distract from other, more important elements in the room.

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