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Guest Room Essentials


Guest rooms can be a tough project to tackle. After all, they often tend to be the least-used room in many homes, and are far more likely to become the catch-all space for junk. So, how do we tackle these rooms? Read on for some useful tips and some great guest room essentials.

Minimize the Clutter

It’s completely natural to place your least used items in the room that you also use the least. However, this can cause a panic every time a relative decides to pop in as you run around trying to find another place to dump the junk.

When planning out your guest space, try to plan for these items by creating a dedicated space in the closet or neatly stored in a box under the bed. This will allow you to keep those pesky items in the room, but not hinder your guests from settling in.

Choose a Welcoming Aesthetic

A guest space is supposed to be one where your visitors can relax and rest from their travels. To make them feel welcome, choose a color palette that invites them to rest and makes them excited to be in your home. No matter your home’s style or your own personality, you can accomplish this by making your guest room visually interesting, but not so wacky that it becomes unbearable. It’s easiest to use a neutral backdrop and make your accessories (like throw pillows, quilts, rugs, decor, etc.) have a pop of color. This will also cut down on redecoration costs if you ever feel like changing it up.

Make it Comfortable

While this is a guest space, and you may not see it used very often, it’s important not to totally skimp on the comfortability of this room. Buy a good quality mattress that will give your guests the illusion of being in a nice hotel, and that will last you for years to come.

Incorporate lots of textures into the room that invite your guests to come and stay a while. For instance, plush bedding, soft pillows, and a comfy accent chair will make your guests feel quite spoiled.

Creature Comforts

When putting together the final details of your guest room, think about the things you always seem to be lacking when you travel: a tube of toothpaste, a toothbrush, perfume, body wash, shampoo. You can pick these items up when you notice a good sale, or shop the travel section at Walmart, Target, or the dollar store. Place these items in a basket in the guest bedroom (or bathroom if the room has an ensuite). It is a small price to pay for a big impact that will make your guests feel more at home. You can even go the extra mile by adding a pillow spray, some snacks, or a small personalized gift to the list.

What do you think of these guest room essentials? What have you done to make your guest space special?

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