Sophisticated Farmhouse Dining Room

sophisticated farmhouse dining room

This sophisticated farmhouse dining room will have your guests thinking you are some design genius!

Thanks to the great Joanna Gaines, we have all fallen in love with the farmhouse aesthetic. Why wouldn’t we? It’s cute, cozy, and just feels like home.

For this design, I’ve put a little twist of modern and an air of sophistication into the traditional farmhouse dining room. To achieve this, I’m focusing on cleaner lines, as opposed to the unfinished or rustic lines you may see back on the farm. I’ve also made an effort to stick with a neutral color palette that is inherently more refined. It’s quite a simple design, but it has some major visual impact for a small dining room or breakfast nook.

The table I’ve chosen for this design has, again, very clean lines. Its simplicity makes it a versatile piece. This means that five years from now, if the farmhouse is out of style, you can redecorate without having to buy all new furniture.

The dining chairs also display that simplicity, but they come in a bold black which makes them stand out and feel very modern in the space. Their design is a classic one, reminiscent of antique colonial chairs. If you want to achieve the sophisticated farmhouse style, it’s important to have elements of the old mixed in with the new and these chairs accomplish that for us.

A hanging light fixture is a great option for even the smallest of dining spaces. It allows you to create more of a mood with your lighting, making the space and the time spent here feel more intimate and special.

It is, however, important to pay close attention to the size of your light fixture. You don’t want the fixture to be so massive that it makes the table look miniature, but you also don’t want the fixture to be so small that your table looks like it’s set for giants. Before installing your piece, look at it in comparison to your furniture and think about it’s visual weight.

Also think carefully about the height at which you hang the light fixture. You want it low, but not so low that people of average height can’t look across the table at each other.

The artwork I chose for this design subtly says “farmhouse,” mimicking storm clouds over the rolling hills of farmland. This simple piece of art adds to the sophistication of the space and helps to create a focal point in the room.

Would you use this sophisticated farmhouse dining room design in your home?

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sophisticated farmhouse dining room
sophisticated farmhouse dining room

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