California Coastal Home Office

This California coastal home office will have you so in love you’ll never want to leave!

Let’s talk California Coastal: If you’ve been watching Selling Sunset (guilty), you’ve probably seen a lot of this warm, inviting style. It’s lovely combination of stark white walls, warm woods, and hints of ocean hues creates a lovely aesthetic and a homey space to relax.

What better style to use in a home office space? Be super productive and totally chill at the same time.

So, how do we accomplish this look?

The basis of a great California Coastal design is a bright white wall color. This color gives you the perfect backdrop for your neutral workspace and ensures that the room will always feel fresh and open.

Adding an element of warm wood tones brings nature into your space. It’s almost like walking along white, sandy beaches and coming across a piece of drift wood. You can opt for a lighter wood like beech or maple, but medium toned woods can also work, as long as there is a warm undertone.

The wooden desk in this design is very affordable and surprisingly spacious, perfect for that work-from-home life.

Keep the decor simple and don’t overdo it with all the little knick-knacks. Some eucalyptus leaves in a vase here, a neutral desk chair there, and some coast-inspired artwork on the wall is just enough to say “I’m California cool” without screaming it.

The light fixture in this design is yet another simple upgrade that will make the space feel custom without emptying your wallet. This beaded fixture might be neutral, but it will make a big impact. Be sure to add task lighting into your home office, like a floor lamp or table lamp.

What do you think of this California coastal home office? Would you work here?

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California coastal home office
California coastal home office
California coastal home office

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