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Luxe Modern Living Room

modern luxe living room

Keeping the theme rolling with this gorgeous luxe modern living room design! If you haven’t seen this post about the luxe modern entryway, be sure to check it out as well.

This living room design focuses on bold furnishings and decor that are affordable but look very expensive. For instance, the beautiful grey sofa is sleek, modern and oh so comfy. While it has a great neutral color, its boldness lies in the velvety fabric. Velvet, or even velvet look alikes, bring an instant level of sophistication and wealth to a space. It’s not a texture we see a lot of, so when we add a big bit of it to our design, it automatically becomes a bold statement.

The faux fur pillows are a great way to add extra comfort to the sofa in an equally underused texture.

Metallic elements also have the effect of making a space feel very high end. The key is to not go overboard with them and mix your metallics very strategically. The copper-look end tables in this design are bold, but muted enough that they don’t take your attention completely off of the other elements in the room. When paired with the gold on the coffee table, you have a nice combination of metallics that add to the space rather than steal the show.

The fun, modern artworks serve to cover up the bare walls, but also provide a nice pop of color to an otherwise neutral space. The dark green is bold and contrasts nicely with the other elements of the design. This emerald sort of green is an opulent color which adds to the richness of the room.

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