Luxe Modern Entryway

luxe modern entryway

The entryway is the place you make your first impression on guests as they enter. It’s basically the welcome sign to your home, a glimpse into who you are and what you’re really about. This luxe modern entryway design is for the bold, the chic, the stylish. It’s for those that aren’t afraid to make a statement.

The element that hits you first in this design is the floral wallpaper. While we typically hear the words “floral wallpaper” and think back to that hideous stuff that was hanging on Grandma’s wall back in the 90s, this floral wallpaper takes an entirely different approach. It’s bold blue green background and gorgeous metallic pattern will bring your space a modern twist and establishes your space (and its occupants) as a style icon.

The best part of this wallpaper? It’s peel and stick! This makes for an easy install AND means that it will work even in a rented house or apartment. Make the space yours without going to a ton of expense or damaging your walls.

The console table in this design is simple, but it makes for a great place to put your keys, check your makeup in the mirror before heading out, and display some cute decor pieces that match your aesthetic.

Adding a light in this space (a table lamp like I have added here or a floor lamp) allows you to have light in this space without fumbling for a switch in the dark as you come in the door. It can also be used to create a nice ambience.

Throwing a couple of decorative stools under the console table gives you the option to sit and put on your shoes in this area, but these also double as extra seating in your living space if your quarters are a bit cramped.

It’s all about making that first impression to your guests, and welcoming yourself home. Your entryway should be both functional and fashionable. this is easily done with a few pieces that speak to you and show what you love. Keep it simple, but have fun with it.

What does your dream luxe modern entryway look like?

luxe modern entryway
luxe modern entryway
luxe modern entryway

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