Decorating with Citron

Citron is such a unique color, and one that we don’t see all that often. Some of us might be a little apprehensive about decorating with citron because it is such a bold and unusual color. But, fear not, this article will lay out all the best pairings to help you create a citron design that works for you.

Citron is a chameleon of colors because it can fit in with a classic design or a modern design. You can match classic furnishings with splashes of citron to create a traditional space with a slight twist.

For modern designs, go all out with the citron. Let it be the main color in your space and use neutrals to tone the color down a bit. It will work well with bright whites and matte black materials.

Citron pairs very well with neutrals, especially creams with a yellow undertone and many shades of gray. If you’re looking for a subtle segue into citron, start off with a citron wall color with cream or gray colored furnishings. If you suddenly realize that citron is not the color for you, repainting your walls will be much cheaper than buying all new furniture.

As far as metallics go, citron goes best with a bright silver. For modern designs, I suggest using a hammered silver to add texture and some visual interest to the design.

How do you feel about decorating with citron? Are you ready?

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decorating with citron
decorating with citron
decorating with citron
decorating with citron

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