Modern Southern Bedroom

modern southern bedroom

Talk about a dream space! This modern southern bedroom design is the perfect combination of modern comforts and that Sweet Magnolias aesthetic that all of us Southern girls love. It’s bold, it’s comfy, and it’s just downright beautiful.

The highlight of this gorgeous space is the big, bold floral-patterned wallpaper. It features those big beautiful flowers in natural colorings that provide the space with an instant wow factor. One of the best things about the South is the incredible gardens and a deep appreciation for all things nature. This wallpaper is an homage to those Southern roots, and adds a feminine and nature-inspired feel.

Because we have all the boldness we need in the walls of this space, we can afford to choose simple furnishings in neutral colors and modern silhouettes. The bed I have chosen for this design keeps the natural theme going with its warm wood material, but its clean lines make it a simple and modern element. The four-poster design of the bed help to draw the eyes up and create a sense of opulence which is only fitting for a modern southern bedroom.

In similar fashion, the loveseat in this design is a creamy white in a simple shape. It provides an extra bit of comfort as you drink your morning coffee or read a good book, or let’s be honest, it will give you a great place to hang some clothes when you’re in a rush.

For the artwork in this space, I have gone with two maps of my favorite Southern cities, Atlanta and Savannah. Map art is a great way to honor the places you’ve called home or just made some good memories in. You can find tons of map art options on Amazon, or design your own custom artwork on websites like Mapiful.

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modern southern bedroom

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