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Stylish Bar Carts

stylish bar carts

Bar carts are an interesting way to display a few of your favorite things. They also help you find a place for all those fancy glasses that you can’t find room for in your cabinets. Stylish bar carts can make your living space feel more welcoming for any guests you may have. A well-styled bar cart says, “Come on in, have a drink, and enjoy some good company.”

Check out these bar carts for every home style!


Classic bar carts can fit into just about any room. This style is very versatile. Find one that fits your aesthetic whether that means wood grains, metallics, or classic blacks. Try to find one that has softer lines. It shouldn’t necessarily be a bold statement piece, but rather an elegant accent to the rest of the room.


A farmhouse bar car should have that “lived-in” feel. It should look like it’s been in the family for years and been well-loved. Try one that incorporates wood grains or one that has some neat vintage-inspired wheels.


Aim for a bar cart that is a shiny metallic that will sparkle and make your space feel rich. You can style it with fancy crystal glasses and decanters, along with bottles that are visually interesting.


Go with natural, dark colors such as a wood grain paired with black metal accents. Industrial bar carts, regardless of their size, will appear heavy in a space. For this reason, make sure you have the sufficient space for the cart so that your room doesn’t feel cluttered.


For a modern bar cart, find something with clean lines and a bold appearance. Steer clear of wood grains and go for gold, silver, or black. The cart should make a statement in the room, almost acting as a piece of artwork that stands on its own.

Which of these stylish bar carts is your favorite?

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