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Bougie Home Decor


Bougie (BOO-gee) creating an air of wealth or upper class status

You can create a space that looks fancy without having a fancy price tag. All of the items on this list are very affordable and will make your home feel uber rich. Check out these bougie home decor pieces:

Classic Bust Sculpture

A classy bust makes your living space look elegant and refined. And, thanks to Amazon, they are quite affordable decor pieces.

Ceiling Medallions

Ceiling medallions remind of us a time when people hosted extravagant parties and lived in beautiful palaces and mansions on sprawling acreage. Today, we see these being used as wall art as well as around ceiling-mounted light fixtures. They also add texture to a space and create a bit of depth.

Crystal Chandeliers

Chandeliers add a unique sparkle to a living space. A lot of modern light fixtures are simple and angular, but a crystal chandelier will bring class and style.

Coffee Table Books

Coffee table books are a great way to show your personality. Choose a few aesthetically pleasing books that are about topics that interest you. Books with lots of photographs or artwork are best as conversation starters.


Candlesticks say high class without breaking the bank. You could pick these up in a Good Will, at an antique store, or these from Amazon. Candlesticks add height and make a space feel more put together.

Wood Trays

Trays like these are rich in visual interest and can look very expensive in any space. They also allow you to highlight a few small items as you arrange them on the trays.

Mirrored Console Table

Mirrored tables are the ultimate bougie home decor for your space. Whether you have a console table, nightstands, or a desk, the mirroring will reflect light and make your space feel bigger. The shine will also bring that element of “bougie” that you’re looking for.

A luxury candle.

These Typark Candles provide a rich, homey scent and look GORGEOUS. Typark has a ton of options for every aesthetic and scents for days. Also, using the code lemon15 at checkout will get you 15 percent off your purchase!

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