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area rugs

A lot of times we tend to think of area rugs from a purely aesthetic perspective. We see a pattern that catches our eyes, it happens to be in the perfect combination of colors for our home, and voila we have a winner. However, a well-placed area rug can be the element that makes a space feel complete. They can also provide definition in an open-concept space that provides no walls or division from one space to the next.

If your home is open-concept, like many new construction homes these days, it can be a challenge to define each “room.” For instance, if your living room opens up directly to your dining room or kitchen, you will need to create a distinct living room area that doesn’t already exist. While your furniture helps to do this, adding an area rug can make the living space more distinct, ultimately making it feel cozier and more complete.

When you are dealing with a massive space, like a refurbished warehouse, a barndominium, or just a really big house, area rugs can have a “grounding” effect. Furniture in a space this large can tend to look like it’s floating on the floor, rather than being firmly planted. Placing an area rug here can, again, make it feel more definite. This allows you to create a warm and welcoming environment in a space that could be otherwise overwhelming and cold.

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area rugs
area rugs
area rugs
area rugs

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