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Home Office Essentials


More and more of us are working from home these days and are in need of a dedicated space in which to be productive. Whether you have a small corner of your living room, or if you have a whole room, these home office essentials will optimize your productivity and keep your creativity flowing.

  1. A comfy office chair. This is by far the most important piece of furniture in your home office. If you’ll be sitting for any amount of time in your office, you need a chair that provides enough cushion and support to keep your back feeling good. Find an ergonomic chair that looks good and takes care of your health.

2. A workspace. Depending on what kind of work you are doing, your workspace could be a small table, a traditional desk, or a large drafting table. This workspace can double as living room furniture or be a dedicated space for your business, whatever suits you and your home. You could source a modern desk or refinish an affordable antique.

3. Things you love. Being surrounded by the things you love (like photos of your pets or family) will help you remember what you’re working so hard for. This will help you focus on the hard days when you’d rather be Netflixing.

4. An additional comfy chair (if your space allows). An extra lounge chair serves as an additional workspace when you get bored of sitting at your desk and as a spot for any office visitors to have a seat.

5. Greenery. If you have a green thumb, pick your favorite house plant and pop it into your home office space. This will help clean the air and add life to your office. If you don’t have a green thumb, faux plants have a similar visual effect.

Lighting. Even with the best overhead fixture, you will want to add a lamp for additional task lighting.

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