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5 Modern Planters You Need


Every space could do with some fresh greenery to be at its absolute best. There is no better way to do this than to have plants in your home. Not only are they great for aesthetics, but they also keep the air in your home clean and add an extra element of happiness to your living space. Check out these beautiful modern planters that will be in keeping with any modern home and bring a unique botanical flare.

  1. This dynamic duo is perfect for the person who may not have a ton of space to put traditional pots. These two hang from the ceiling, adding visual interest and drawing eyes upward. This will ultimately leave your space feeling both fresher and larger.

2. This very cool propagation station will allow you to display fresh cut flowers or promising plant cuttings. The unique arrangement allows you and your guests to enjoy every aspect of the plant growth process. And, bonus, it makes for a wonderful coffee table or countertop decoration.

3. These gorgeous mid-century modern planters would be the perfect thing to liven up an unused corner of your home. Their unique shape packs a visual punch and provides a great place for your plants to thrive.

4. This propagation station consists of hanging test tubes that would look interesting on a wall in your kitchen, or even hanging from a pantry door. Again, you could use this to display some cut flowers or cuttings from some of your favorite house plants.

5. Very similar to #1, this planter is ideal for a bushy or vining plant. Greenery in this beautiful planter would look good in any room of your house or hanging from the ceiling of a porch.

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