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Who doesn’t love the freshness of lush, green leaves and flowers in full bloom? Bringing the outdoors in can make your space feel fun, young, and most importantly FULL OF LIFE. Traditionally, this might have been done using a ton of florals or some freshly cut flowers. This design, however, takes the classic floral style and gives it a modern botanical twist.

First, let’s start with the walls. To really drive home the botanical theme from the get go, you need a bold color like Behr’s “Sparkling Emerald.” In order to keep things modern, aim for a dark green, or even a dark blue-green. This color will pack a big punch and immediately make your theme known. Pair your favorite shade with a modern botanical-themed wallpaper on one wall, or even on the back panel of a bookshelf. This graphic element will make a strong statement and make that much more fresh and clean.

For the furnishings, take a look at Rattan. This material is very popular right now, and is in keeping with your all natural theme. It also adds warmth so that you will feel right at home in your own indoor garden.

As you have a bold wall color and wallpaper, you can keep the wall art simple. Try some pressed flowers and leaves in a floating frame, or a beautiful floral photograph.

Be sure to include your favorite plant babies in this design as well. With a modern-looking propagation planter on the nightstand or a huge Bird of Paradise in the corner, walking into this room will feel like walking into a secret garden.

A modern botanical space is one that will bring joy to anyone that steps foot in it, and it will (quite literally) bring life into your home. Enjoy the outdoors, even if you don’t leave your house, and boost your productivity, happiness, and peace.

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