Gray and Yellow Home Inspiration

grey and yellow

Pantone’s 2021 colors of the year are “Ultimate Gray” and “Illuminating.” Combining these popular colors can create a modern space with a touch of fun. A gray and yellow home will tend to be sleek, sophisticated, and a bit edgy.

You can incorporate gray and yellow into your home very easily. If you like yellow, but are not committed to painting walls such a bright color, go with the neutral grey backdrop and use yellow as your accent color. This can be done with a striking side table, a rug with a funky pattern, or a piece of artwork. Even minimal amounts of yellow will brighten the room and make it feel more welcoming.

If you are ready to fully embrace yellow in your room, find a vibrant paint color that will pack the ultimate visual punch. To keep the room grounded and give your eyes a place to rest, choose grey furnishings in simplistic shapes with clean lines. This will create that modern feeling that you’re looking for.

In the kitchen, you can use barstools (or dining chairs) in a bright yellow to add visual interest. Gray cabinets are a great way to modernize your kitchen space without making it too trendy.

If you would like to put a metallic into the mix, go with silver. Silver will be in keeping with your gray elements and won’t compete with yellow for the spotlight like gold would.

You can ease into a gray and yellow interior by using a white paint color for your walls. The white background will tone down the other elements or the room while still allowing each piece to shine.

gray and yellow
gray and yellow home decor
gray and yellow home
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