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How to Hang Curtains

how to hang curtains

Curtains are the finishing touch that every room needs. Like a good piece of art, a set of curtains can bring a room together and complete the overall design. But, what is the right way to hang curtains?

Your ultimate goal in hanging curtains is two fold: 1.) cover the window 2.) make the window look bigger.

Let’s start with #1. The obvious reason for hanging curtains is to have privacy or block out sunlight. No matter what material or style of curtain you prefer, make sure that the panels are wide enough. The individual panels should be greater than half of the window’s width. you want to take the measurement of the window’s width, half it, then add at least 1-2 inches. That should be the width of each panel. This ensures that when the panels are pulled together they will completely cover the window.

As for goal #2: when the curtains are open, they should make the window appear bigger than it really is. To do this, you want to hang your curtain rod higher and wider than the window.

Your curtain rod should be closer to the ceiling than it is to the top of the actual window. This will draw the eye upward and make the room feel taller than it really is.

You should also hang the curtain rod that is several inches wider than the window you want to cover. When the curtains are open, the panels will only cover the wall and they will not be covering the window. Not only does this allow more light to come in to the room when it is wanted, but it also gives the illusion that the window is wider.

When you are picking out curtains, take the length into careful consideration. To create that “finished” look, the material should be long enough to sit on the floor. If the fabric is too short, you’ll get a “high water” appearance which can look unfinished and a little cheap.

And there you have it. That’s how you should hang your curtains. Remember that the way you hang curtains in your home can make or break the overall design of your space. Let your curtains complete the room by choosing the right fabric for your design and making sure that you have enough of it.

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