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Themed Christmas Wrapping


Why keep the Christmas theme confined to your tree? Take your theme right down to the gifts. With these themed Christmas wrapping essentials, you’ll carry your chosen theme through every aspect of this holiday season.

Modern Christmas

If you’ve chosen to go with a modern Christmas theme, try sticking with simple black and white wrapping papers. Adorn these with dark green or bright red ribbons in velvet. You can also incorporate silver or gold into your scheme as well. You can use patent or matte black, or mix the two.

Farmhouse Christmas

To continue your farmhouse theme into the gifts under your tree, start with a brown butcher paper that has classic red, green, or white farm-y motifs like old trucks, tractors, or farm animals. If you love buffalo plaid, use this as a ribbon for your gifts. Burlap ribbons are also a great option.

Glam Christmas

Glamour is easy to add to Christmas gifts with lots of shiny options for the holiday. Go with rose gold (or whatever metallic you fancy) for your wrapping paper. If you are looking for a more toned down appearance, a black and white striped wrapping paper with a pink bow will do.

Classic Christmas

Classic Christmas presents are dressed in reds and greens. You can play with a few different wrapping papers in the same color scheme. Add big bows to boxed gifts, and festive tissue paper to the bagged ones.

Boho Christmas

Boho Christmas: simplicity with a touch of greenery. This Christmas theme is a fun one to play around with and can produce some beautiful gifts. Choose a brown craft paper with a white Christmas-y pattern. To get a bit more festive, go with a similar wrapping paper but with red and green patterns. Then, throw a green bow on top and call it a day. It is important to note that the key difference in a boho ribbon versus any other bow is the frayed edges. This kind of edge implies a more casual look befitting the boho name. An alternative to this is using faux greenery. For bagged gifts, you can choose to go with a feminine floral or find matching brown gift bags.

Candy Cane Christmas

This one always reminds me of Whoville with its festiveness. Keep red and white at the forefront of your gift wrapping. This can be done in a striped wrapping paper, or with a shiny red paper accented by a peppermint ribbon. Bagged gifts can be done with a classic red and white gift bag, or with a synched cloth bag.

Christmas in the Mountains

This is possibly the simplest of the Christmas themes, but it’s definitely the coziest. For this rustic theme, choose a wrapping paper that showcases nature, either in a sweet snowy scene or animal drawings. Plaid ribbons give the simple style a big impact.

Crazy Colorful Christmas

This is a fun one. There are so many colorful options for holiday gift wrapping. Stripes, ombre, color blocked, oh my. Or, if you find a colorful ribbon that you love, use a shiny metallic wrapping paper to make the ribbon pop.

Icy Christmas

It’s all about the blues…and shine. Create an icy wonderland of presents with a silver, white, and blue color scheme. Choose your favorite shade of blue, incorporate snowflakes or snowmen galore, and voila! Your’e done!

And there you go. Keep your Christmas theme going beyond just your Christmas tree. Themed Christmas wrapping is a great way to make it a fun and aesthetic holiday.

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