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modern bathroom

Having a modern bathroom doesn’t mean you have to force clean lines and a rigid appearance in lieu of warmth and a homey feeling. No, having a modern bathroom simply means that you embrace modern conveniences and pair it with your own personal style, all while simplifying so that the space feels open and uncluttered.

There are several ways to embrace a modern look and still have a cozy feel.

For example, hexagonal tiles seem to be all the rage as of late. Take this modern shape and pick a warmer coloration like bright white with a hint of brown as opposed to the white and grey combo we often see in marble. You have taken a seemingly modern element and made it warm. An alternative to the small “marble” hexagonal tile would be a larger one in a warm grey (or “greige”). This tile has the same warming effect, but keeps the popular grey tone seen in many modern homes.

Another great way to embrace modernism in an updated bathroom is to choose a unique stand-alone bathtub. This tub is an excellent example of that. Instead of the older style of claw foot tubs, this one embraces cleaner lines and sits directly on the floor. It will bring a softness to the room and acts like a functional piece of art.

A lot of modern designs incorporate black fixtures, which works in many spaces. However, if you are wanting to achieve a cozier modern bathroom, try using gold or bronze fixtures instead. Both gold and bronze have a warmer tone and will pack a visual punch that will make your space stand out.

Choosing the wall color for your modern bathroom is key in creating a cohesive design that fits all your needs and desires. For those who love the ocean as a source of calm, choose a light shade of blue. For those who find more peace in the woods, go with a relaxing green. Draw your color scheme from the things and places that bring you joy and you will create a space that works for you.

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