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Christmas Tree Themes


Christmas is right around the corner and that means it’s time to start putting up those trees! But, just because this holiday is usually one for traditions, doesn’t mean that you have to adopt the same old Christmas tree setup. Stick with your own aesthetic year round, or adopt a whole new one just for the holiday. Explore these Christmas tree themes and find the perfect one for you!

Modern Christmas

Creating a modern Christmas atmosphere means combining sophisticated elements. Start with a base of black and white pieces, then add pops of green and red in rich textures like satin or velvet. Rather than having the space scream “CHRISTMAS,” focus on the sleekness of it.

Farmhouse Christmas

People love a good Farmhouse Christmas because it’s a homey style. To create this space in your own home, incorporate the classic buffalo plaid throughout your space. Red and black buffalo plaid is a bit more festive, but black and white can also work if you prefer a more neutral color palette. Including pieces in galvanized metal adds to the rustic flair of the room.

Glam Christmas

If you’re a big fan of blush pink and metallics, this is the style for you. A glamorous Christmas setup evokes feelings of luxury in any space. Combine your favorite shade of pink with gold, silver, and rose gold and add touches of fur or feathers. Ground your design with a simple striped black and white tree skirt.

Classic Christmas

Transport your space back in time to the quintessential childhood Christmas we’ve all dreamed of or had. Combine the classic reds and greens to create the perfect Christmas paradise. Bring in a few poinsettias (fresh or faux) for additional festiveness. Add an element of coziness by using cable knit tree skirts and stockings.

Boho Christmas

The bohemian style is a wildly popular one these days. So, how does this translate to Christmas? For equal parts boho and Christmas, use natural fibers in a neutral color palette. Have a traditional Christmas tree with white lights, and have small pops of greenery throughout your space. Decorate your tree with unique macrame ornaments and a beaded garland. As opposed to traditional green wreaths, you can try a pampas grass wreath to keep with your boho theme.

Candy Cane Christmas

Who doesn’t love a candy cane at Christmas time? Why not make your whole space one giant festive candy cane? Do this by using a white Christmas tree and wreath and going wild with peppermint ornaments. Keep things cool by using silver accents rather than gold. Keep to classy Christmas vibes with Santa-inspired stockings and tree skirt.

Christmas in the Mountains

Ahhh. Christmas in the mountains. Just imagine waking up on Christmas morning in a log cabin, a fire in the fireplace, sipping hot cocoa as you watch some deer play in the snow outside. Sounds like heaven.

Even if you can’t make the trip to the mountains this Christmas, you can create this same type of winter oasis right in your living room. Upgrade your classic Christmas tree with pops of red berries and pinecones. Throw in a burlap garland and a few sleigh bells for an extra rustic touch. Keep cozy in your dream space with a warm plaid blanket.

Crazy Colorful Christmas

“Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?” Why, yes, yes we can. If you love colors too much to just use two or three for this holiday season, go crazy. Use all the colors! Give yourself a neutral base by using a white Christmas tree. This will help all of your favorite colors pop. Substitute the traditional wreath with a colorful bulb wreath. Take this chance to find quirky and unique ornaments that bring you joy.

Icy Christmas

(Also known as Elsa’s Favorite Christmas Theme.) Create a winter wonderland with blue and white as your base for this design. While this theme is inherently cool, contrast this with textures to keep you and your guests feeling cozy. A sherpa blanket tossed on the sofa, a few soft throw pillows, and you’ll be ready to curl up and watch Christmas movies until the New Year.

Whatever style you choose, your Christmas tree theme can carry through to other elements of holiday design, including your wrapping paper and your Christmas dinner table settings (more on those to come).

What’s your favorite Christmas theme?

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