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Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas


Thanksgiving is one week away! How? You’ve planned the turkey, the stuffing, the casseroles, and the pies. But, have you thought about how you’re going to set the table? Will you go with classic Thanksgiving oranges and reds, push stylistic limits with a pastel take on the autumn holiday, or go bare bones with a minimalistic setting?

Whatever you choose, I hope you have a fun, family-filled holiday! Below are a few options for this year’s Thanksgiving table settings. Enjoy!

Farmhouse Thanksgiving

Bring on the buffalo plaid! Use rustic elements in galvanized metal, simple plates and utensils, and throw in a mason jar cup for good measure to bring your farmhouse tablescape to life. Incorporate contrasting colors (like blue and orange) for maximum visual impact.

Classic Thanksgiving

This style brings with it a “cornucopia” of 90s and early 2000s Thanksgivings with everything literally screaming “It’s Turkey Day!” Embrace the colors of the season with lots of oranges and reds, and pull in some cutesy turkeys for a festive fall look.

Pastel Thanksgiving

Push the boundaries of tradition by going with a pastel color scheme for your Thanksgiving table. Perhaps you aren’t a big fan of the usual oranges and reds, or perhaps a pastel setting is more suited to your home’s aesthetic. Either way, using pastel pieces for your table setting can add a unique twist to the holiday. The best part about this scheme? You can use most of these pieces for other holidays, too.

Masculine Thanksgiving

Maybe the whole cutesy fall theme fills you with disgust and you are looking for a simplistic, manly approach. Use your everyday black plates and silverware, throw stylish plaid table runner down, pop in a couple of candles, and call it a day.

Elegant Thanksgiving

Adopt a more elegant version of the Thanksgiving dinner with gold accents, bold patterns, and pops of fall color in rich textures like satin or velvet. Your dinner will evoke the feeling of being in a five-star restaurant. Each of these elements can also be used for different events throughout the year.

Neutral Thanksgiving

People are all about the neutrals these days. Neutral looks provide a sleek, modern feel to any table. Choose a brown or black plate that won’t share the years’ wear and tear, some funky-shaped placemats, and pop some white pumpkins on the table if you’re feeling festive. Keeping it neutral ensures that your Thanksgiving table decor will match your style for years to come.

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