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How To: Scandinavian Home Decor

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Scandinavian style is one that values both simplicity and comfort. We see this style in many modern homes as people opt for a more simplistic and minimalist lifestyle. Scandinavian home decor embodies that slow-living, appreciate-the-beauty-in-every-moment kind of attitude and can be quite inviting.

So, how can we bring this style into our homes?

1.) Less is More

Scandinavian homes are rarely cluttered, appearing neat and organized. Excess things are cleverly hidden away in built-in storage containers or multi-use furnishings. The simplicity of the style begs for a tidy space in which everything has a place and only the bare necessities are visible.

The presence of less things in a Scandinavian home allows the occupants to focus more on togetherness and quiet moments away from the world. It also brings a sense of largeness to the home, no matter what size it really is.

2.) Use Natural Materials

Scandinavian style is admirable in its use of natural materials. This style aims to make as little impact on the environment as possible. We often see wood paneling in many Scandinavian homes, bringing a bit of the outdoors in. Many homes of this style also feature rather large windows that almost seem to frame the home’s natural surroundings and preventing the residents from cluttering the walls with loads of artwork.

3.) Have a Variety of Textures

In using mostly natural materials, Scandinavian home decor usually brings with it a wide variety of textures. The hardness of the wood can be balanced with soft leather furnishings or fur accents. Embroidered cushions are also a great way to layer texture and can bring a more personal touch to the space.

Scandinavian style is a great fit for those attempting to make their homes feel simple and uncluttered but still homey. It’s simplistic design can also be very budget-friendly.

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