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Affordable Modern Home Decor


Modern home design evokes images of a simple, clean, and sophisticated space. Modern designs usually look expensive and refined. However, this look can be achieved with a few pieces of affordable modern home decor.

For instance, having mostly neutral colors accented by your favorite metallic is an easy way to make your space feel more expensive. Some interesting candlesticks on the mantle, an abstract painting, or a simplistic sculpture on the coffee table will do the trick.

In a modern design, it is also important to remember that “less is more.” A truly modern space is not cluttered and values function over fashion. Be thinking clean lines, simplistic but visually interesting works of art, and storage pieces that also serve as decor. This is a particularly important element of creating a home full of affordable modern home decor. The focus on functionality removes the need for a ton of unnecessary “stuff.”

Colors like white (or a variation of white) will make the space feel large and open. Pops of warm browns or matte blacks add definition. Grays are also a great option. If you have children or pets, opt for furniture pieces with a protective treatment option or in colors that don’t show your animal’s hair. Be sure to use wood grain as well. Small bits of warm wood tones will make the space feel warmer and more inviting.

If you have an open-concept home, remember to coordinate adjacent rooms. Nothing will be more jarring than standing in your modern living room and staring directly into an eclectic-themed kitchen. Use the same (or at least similar) color schemes throughout to ensure visual consistency. This includes your use of metallics in each of the adjoining rooms.

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