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Solutions for Small Entryways


Entryways can be a tricky beast. Oftentimes, these spaces can be cramped, cluttered, and unimpressive. But, this doesn’t have to be the case. With these simple solutions for small entryways you can turn your foyer into an organized and welcoming preview to the rest of your home.

Entryways, small or large, should contain two things: organized storage and an inviting appearance.

Organized storage, this is where small spaces tend to have a hard time. Cramped quarters usually look more chaotic because you’re attempting to put a lot of things into a small amount of real estate.

With pieces like Ikea’s Hemnes Shoe Cabinet, you can avoid otherwise bulky shoe racks AND give yourself a ledge to put keys or a few decorative items.

Other great organization pieces include the Idanas Cabinet (also from Ikea) and this half circle console table that will fit into just about any space.

If you prefer a more modern or glamorous look, this gold and faux marble console table from Walmart is also a great option.

The second element of a good entryway is the welcoming appearance. Having the appropriate storage is the first step in this because you’re removing the physical obstacles for entry. However, adding family photos, some interesting artwork, or even some greenery helps your guests to feel welcome upon entering your home.

A small rug can continue the visual interest and add a bit of color. It also helps cut down on the amount of dirt tracked into the rest of the house.

A well-placed mirror reflects light making your space feel bigger and allows you and your guests to check make-up and hair before heading out the door.

Entryways are the perfect place to welcome your guests, establishing your personal style and sense of “home” in a very small portion of your home. Keeping it organized and inviting makes you the ultimate host.

I hope you found these solutions for small entryways helpful!


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