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5 Budget-Friendly DIYers to Follow

  1. @angelarosehome

To say I admire the heck out of this lady would be an understatement. From the super cool dining table she just made all the way to the dream kitchen that she designed and built herself, she is a force to be reckoned with. I love that she shows the process of every project and always shares the helpful tips and tricks she finds along the way. 

  1. @frills_and_drills

Another great resource for all things DIY. She is always sharing budget-friendly ways to create a dream space and she can execute a feature wall with extreme precision. She has tons of DIY projects in her highlights so you can see each build from start to finish. 

  1. @thehonesthome_

This sweet lady has updated her own home in so many unique ways that have added so much personality and character to the space. It is truly amazing to see the designs she comes up with. Her always upbeat and bubbly personality bring a refreshing cheerfulness to DIY stories. 

  1. @lisa_faye_medina

This incredible human just purchased a fixer upper and I cannot wait to see how she brings it to life. She has great style and knows how to make magic happen within a budget. As an Army wife, she has learned how to make a big design impact without tearing down the walls. She also has some great thrift store flips. 

  1. @maggiemcgaugh

Furniture flipper extraordinaire Maggie McGaugh knows how to take an old, boring piece of furniture and turn it into a modern marvel. Watching her thrifted masterpieces come to life is downright awe striking and she has some impressive products to update your own pieces.

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