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Neutral Wishlist


Happy Wednesday! We made it! We’re halfway through another week. Woohoo!

This week’s wishlist is all about the neutrals. In general, neutrals are considered to be black, brown, white, gray, and sometimes even navy. Neutrals can serve a number of purposes in a design. 

Neutrals are a great way to ground an otherwise colorful space, providing a softer background to elaborate details. With ornate items scattered around a room, a neutral piece gives your eyes a place to rest before moving on to the next interesting thing. 

An all neutral color palette can make a space feel sophisticated and expensive, without necessarily requiring a big budget. Layering different shades of a neutral palette provides a soft, calming atmosphere where simplicity and minimalism can truly come to life.


“Going in Circles” Abstract Wall Decor

Duotone Minimalist Print

2 Piece Rug Set

Set of 3 White Vases

Striped Throw Pillow

Solid Throw Pillow

Linen Blackout Drapes

Classic Bust

Zebra Rug

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