Glam Eclectic Mood Board

Eclectic style can be achieved by mixing pieces from various periods in a single space. You can connect these pieces with a cohesive color palette for a stunning visual masterpiece.

Begin by selecting two or three colors, then find items you love within that color scheme. While you want to choose some fun colors that fit your personality and style, also choose a neutral to help ground your space. This neutral could be found in your furniture or in your choice of wall color, whatever your preference is.

When selecting the furnishings for your room, have fun mixing pieces from different eras. You might fall in love with a Queen Anne armchair and a modern acrylic sideboard. In compatible color schemes these pieces can work well together.

The most important element to creating an eclectic space in your home is to have fun and cater to your personal preferences. It’s your space and you have to live in it, so it should make you happy when you walk in the room.




Tree Trunk Table

Area Rug

Pendant Light Fixture


Painting 1

Painting 2

Painting 3

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