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Adding Personality Through Details


Let’s talk about personality in a space. Personality is that thing that can take a run-of-the-mill house and make into a home, your home. 

These aren’t necessarily huge pieces that shout, “This is who I am!” at the top of their lungs. Rather, you can build personality with the smallest of touches. 

Items with Meaning

My favorite way to add a special something to a space is to find items that mean something. They could be your grandma’s favorite vase with some fresh-cut flowers, a quilt sewn by some long-lost relative, a small souvenir you picked up during your travels, or an antique you found that reminded you of someone you love.

To visitors in your home, these small things might just seem like fun little details. But to you and your family they could remind you of summers at grandma’s house or your favorite adventure. They are constant reminders of the things you hold dear.


Okay, okay. This is probably a pretty obvious one, but I will mention it nonetheless. Photos on a wall are a great way to add character in a space. There are so many precious moments that we want to remember: birthdays, graduations, random but awesome days, etc.

You can sprinkle small photos around your home, like on a bookshelf or a mantle. Or, you can make a feature of your favorite memories by creating a gallery wall. 

Don’t be Afraid to be You

Another of my favorite ways to give a bit of personality to a space is by adding some quirky elements. This suits my personality, so for my home a little quirk seems fitting.

Whether you go with a pastel painting of the sunrise or a funky print of a cat, fit your style. It’s your space and you should feel at home. Don’t decorate for what you think other people want to see when they come over for dinner, but decorate in a way that makes your home feel like an extension of you.

A fun place to find fun prints for reasonable prices: Society 6

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