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Brytn Smile: First Impressions


My teeth have been a point of sensitivity to me for as long as I can remember. As a teenager, it was the fact that my teeth weren’t perfectly straight. A fact that became all the more apparent during a time when everyone else was having one of those “pretty girl emerges” kind of moments as the braces started falling off and the Hallelujah Chorus began to sing in perfect harmony. 

In college, I gained a little more confidence regarding my teeth, simply accepting that my less-than-perfect teeth just matched my quirky personality. But, I have to admit, with the copious amounts of coffee I have had to drink to get through school and life in general, my teeth are anything but “pearly white.”

The coffee has certainly helped me out as far as keeping me barely functional, but it has done quite a number on my teeth.

That’s why when I found Brytn Smile I was excited to give it a try. Maybe this easy-to-use product would turn my spotty teeth pearly white without breaking the bank or sending me to a dentist’s office (something I like to avoid unless it’s absolutely necessary). 

I ordered the premium whitening kit that comes with a mouthpiece and three whitening pens. It also came with this handy little scale that helps track your progress. 

The directions are pretty simple and you have two different treatment options. The first option is for the ultimate blue light whitening and it takes 15 minutes. The second option is meant to eliminate bacteria that causes bad breath with red and blue light, and that only takes 10 minutes. 

The whitening pens are good for a full 12 months after opening. The mouthpiece does need to be charged on occasion and comes with its own USB attachment. I got at least five uses out of it before I had to charge. 

I have been using the product consistently for about a week now and have already noticed a big difference. Before, I could see obvious patches of discoloration on a number of my teeth. Since starting daily treatments, those spots have begun to fade and I’m noticing that my teeth are finally becoming one color again. 

My teeth are also losing that yellowy shade that they have had for some time and I notice that they are getting much closer to that pearly white I was hoping for. 

I have been alternating between the blue light all-over whitening treatment and the red and blue light bacterial treatment every other day. Over the next couple of weeks I think I will switch up my routine a bit and do more of the whitening and maybe only one or two of the bacterial treatments per week. 

So far, I am enjoying the product and loving the progress I am seeing. I will continue to use it and publish an updated post in two more weeks to show my final results. Then, I will share some before and after photos as well. 

If you are interested in trying some of Brytn Smile’s products, check out their website here. If you use code LEMON25 at checkout you can get 25 percent off your purchase. 

Let me know in the comments if you have tried any of their products and what you are doing to keep your teeth whitened.

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